Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *The Missing White Dragon


You don’t usually see many actual manga anthology graphic novels. This is a collection of short fantasy stories from Park Young Ha, the creator of the manhwa, Bambi. They are all shojo-oriented and take place at different parts of an alternate reality.

The first story is the title chapter where a young man who finds out he’s being forced to marry a pretty young demon girl. Neither of them wants to marry the other, so their fathers agree to cancel the wedding if they can find the young man’s family heirloom, a seal of a white dragon. Unbeknownst to them, he actually gave it to the demon girl as a present when they met as kids.

The second one appeals to anthropomorphics a little more. In it, animal spirits live with the humans in a single world, and one bright young girl acts as a struggling healer. She saves the life of a wolf spirit who takes on human form to help her realize her true feelings.

Following that is the only story in the book that takes place in modern day. A male student accidently reads an encantation from his girlfriend’s spellbook. Now, she has dog ears and a tail. They go to see a local wizard who tells them the only way to break the spell is if the boy confesses his love for her.

Next, an adventurous girl goes to sell her father’s divine sword. However, she encounters a handsome dragon in human form who claims to be the original owner of the sword. Together, they help out a fox spirit free his wife who is trapped, while at the same time fall in love with each other.

Finally, a failing summonner tries to woo the heart of a princess with his fairy slave girl. He ends up landing in prision because of his attempt to scam everyone, but his fairy helps him out.

All in all, this was a nice little anthology. It’s refreshing to see a manhwa or manga done in this fashion. Nice fairytale-like storylines with kawaii shojo artwork. Furries should love it, as well as readers of girls manga.

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