Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Galaxy Angel

Based on the popular anime series, this manga deals with the Galaxy Angel team in a slightly alternate storyline. There is an original video game which is seperate from the TV show that this is derived from.

The Angel Troupe are a team of five cute girls in the future who use special fighter craft to help protect the galaxy. They’re made up of the incredibly lucky but dim Milfie, the sexy but superstitious Ranpha, the bunny-eared closet cosplayer Mint, soft-spoken healer Vanilla, and the gun-obsessed Forte.

While on vacation, the Angel Troupe gets called into escort the Prince Shiva to an area of space protected by the Moon Goddess. The goddess is an entity that in the storyline of the video games hand selected the Angel Troupe into action. So now, they’re on their way in the prince’s main ship, the Elle Ciel. Along for the ride, are the acting captain Takuto, who is just a young boy who is really smitten by the Angel Troupe, and Commander Meyers who is his advisor. On the way, they stop at a desert planet for supplies where they befriend that planet’s prince, and the girls are mistaken for actual angels. Also, they make a sidequest to a hot springs resort so Ranpha can find her true love.

Each volume is filled with tons of bonus material, usually taking up a good 1/5 of the book, including character bios, mini-comic strips, glossaries, translation notes, and more. It’s just a funny as the anime, but with more of an ongoing plot to it.

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