Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Legendz

If you haven’t gotten enough of the cockfighting monsters genre, Legendz comes in to pick up some of the Pokemon slack. Set in an alternate future, scientists have discovered that some of the creatures of myth did exist. Not only that, they found a way to replicate their spirits within a video game, allowing players to use them as virtual pets that can be used to fight with others. This concept is called Legendz.

The spirit of the creature, or monsters, is placed in a small gem called a Soul Figure. This is then placed in a control unit called a Talispod, sort of like putting a game cartridge in a Game Boy. The creatures vary from about a dozen different types: mermaids, yeti, giants, dwarves, werewolves, etc.

Their story is mainly centered around Ken, a young player who wins alot at Legendz and has just moved to a new school. Once there, he’s challenged by local bully Housuke. Ken totals him with his only Legendz character, Shiron the wind dragon. After hearing about this, Yuki, an upperclassman, offers Ken the chance to become the owner of his prized Golden Soul Figure. Yuki apparently can’t use the Golden Soul Figure for himself, but he has to find someone worthy of using it.

Yuki finds Ken at home and walks with him to school. After an encounter with a gang secretly owned by Housuke, the Golden figure reveals itself to want Ken to be its owner. However, Ken refuses as he only wants to use Shiron as his Legendz. Then, their friend Ririko gets kidnapped by Housuke’s girlfriend, the sexy Meiko who looks a little older than your average elementary school student, Ken agrees to take the Gold figure with him to help stop Ririko’s abducters who want it as ransom.

Legendz has most of the overdramatized theme that an kiddy game-based manga could have. Ones like Beyblade and Yugioh where the fate of the world is always in the balance make this seem a little tame. But it keeps an innocence that the original season or two of Pokemon and Digimon had. So be sure to look it up if your a fan of tournament anime.

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