Wednesday, November 13, 2019

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Hazbin Hotel

In production for several years, Hasbin Hotel is a crowdfunded pilot/ONA movie created by Vivienne Medrano(also known as "VivziePop"). Originally starting her career from doing webcomics like Zoophobia, she also created several short animated films for various school thesis. From there, she gathered a large following doing her supernatural comedy about life in Hell. The pilot has gone on to be one the most talked-about animated projects in internet history.

Set in modern day Hell, the princess of the underworld, Charlie, is under the impression that Hell is in fact a "temporary" placement for souls outcast from upstairs, so she sets up a hotel meant to rehabilitate souls in the hopes of ascending. Despite her stunning Disney Princess-esque music number she performs on live TV to pitch her idea, nobody seems to give into her idea. This and her sole patron Angel Dust is not really as noble as he seems when its shown he's currently involved in a turf war between two of Hell's finest. Charlie's friend/partner Vaggie is pissed with Angel on how he made their promotion look bad, but the hotel regulars are visited by the charismatic but overtly sketchy Alastar, also called "The Radio Demon". The pinstriped fast-talking Alastar is an infamous figure in Hell, and despite that seems to want to help Charlie operate her hotel. Vaggie is profoundly skeptical about Alatar's true intentions, but Charlie arranges for Alastar to bring in a cycloptic neat-freak and an alcoholic winged cat as acting hotel staff. From there, it appears Alastar has his own agenda for what direction this new "Habin Hotel" will take, even though he protects it from invading gangsters like the snakeman, Sir Pentious.

Hazbin Hotel stuck the internet like a comet through a wet paper bag, and has gained an unwavering select group of fandom not seen since Homestuck. The animation is very much in the style of shows like Ren and Stimpy and Invader Zim, while giving separate homage to old Terrytoons similar to like the hit Cuphead game. There are catchy music numbers in the spirit of songs from the Disney renaissance, although it should be made apparent that this is not intended for younger audiences. There is a free spoken approach in the dialogue and subject matter, but not intended to offend any specific social group or lifestyle. If anything, its one of the more open-minded projects as it has openly gay, pan-sexual, and asexual themes, which doesn't triangulate itself making viewers think that "only gay people go to Hell". The pilot is currently not picked up by any specific network or major backer, but chances are that with the spinoff web series of Helluvaboss will help it gain even more notoriety.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Madame Razz has precog-senility.

ANI-MOVIES, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Aquaman-Rage of Atlantis

With a new live-action solo movie on bubbling to the surface, Warner Bros. decided to release a new animated movie based on their King of the Seven Seas, but instead of new DCAU title, they fell back on their kid-friendly Lego line. Taking place in the same continuity as the Lego Batman video games and Lego DC Super Hero animated specials, Rage Of Atlantis combines two unusual corners of the DC Universe, their underwater adventures with cosmic odysseys.

Justice League noob Jessica Cruz is the new Green Lantern on the block, and alerts the rest of the League that super-strong space bounty hunter Lobo is raiding a government facility jammed with dangerous alien tech. Aquaman down in Atlantis gets wind of this and heads arrives on the scene first, but his water powers aren't all that useful in a desert landscape. The League arrives to pull Aquaman's fat out of the friar, but Lobo makes off with a mysterious orb. Aquaman takes the League back to a celebration to his kingdom of Atlantis where Batman is surprised to find out that he's not only married to the lovely waterbender Mera, but that his half-brother Orn is the devious Ocean Master, even though he doesn't seem to have started his bad guy career as of yet. Ocean Master shows them a forged document of the Atlantis laws showing that Aquaman can't be king because he's only half-Atlantean, and convinces the other sea folk to make him their new leader thanks to a rage-inducing Red Lantern power battery after secretly teaming up with the Reds leader Atrocitus. Orn has Aquaman and the League locked up, but our heroes manage to breakout, and discover the Red Lanterns are planning an Earth invasion using the mind-controlled Atlanteans as their army. Everyone but Green Lantern escapes to an alien world near a red sun, which instantly robs Superman of his powers. So a distraught Aquaman pulls his act together to find Lobo at a literal local watering hole, and convinces the Kiss Army reject to help them free Atlantis after Lobo learns his "space dolphin" buddy Fishy(a genuine DC Comics character!)who has also under Atrocitus' control. Meanwhile, Jessica Cruz teams up with Batgirl and the current Robin to preventing the Atlantean's land invasion while the Justice League destroy's the Red Lantern battery, and Atrocitus' plan to drain the planet of all water thanks to a colossal drinking straw!

The story fits to most standards of the DC Comics Lego productions, taking obscure things from the comics lore and bringing them together for a enjoyable family picture, but still manages to shoehorn the needs for characters like Superman and Wonder Woman using pimped out vehicles despite their ability to fly. The dub has Troy Baker back as Batman, Teen Titans Scott Menville as Damien Wayne/Robin, Jonathon Adams returns from the Green Lantern cartoon as Atrocitus, and former-Wonder Woman Susan Eisenberg as Mera. If you're a regular fan of the Lego pictures, or a hardcore DC reader, than this is worth at least a once-over.