Monday, October 16, 2017

MISC. MANGA, *Don't Meddle With My Daughter

What if Power Girl from DC Comics had a daughter, went in to retirement, and then her daughter takes her mantle? That's the premise behind Don't Meddle With My Daughter. Created by Nozomi Tamaki, who also made Dance In The Vampire Bund, put this together largely based on American comic book superheroes, but in a more ecchi take than what One Punch Man did for shonen manga.

There was a powerful heroine called the Eighth Wonder, and she worked with the secret S.H.I.E.L.D.-like organization referred to as N.U.D.E. Secretly, Eighth Wonder was a young woman named Athena who allegedly comes from an island of goddesses, but along the way fell in love with a mysterious man, and had a daughter named Clara. With her husband now M.I.A., Athena retires from the hero biz to become a full time mother. Years later, Clara discovers she's gained the powers of the original Eighth Wonder, and not having a single clue that she gets it from her mother. So, Clara joins up with N.U.D.E. to fight the criminal gang called "Blowjob". Discovering that her daughter is the current Eighth Wonder, Athena gets into her old outfit which barely fits her anymore, and secretly helps out Clara from behind the scenes along with her old N.U.D.E. mates. However, the forces of Blowjob seem to have some connection to Athena's estranged husband who was a super-skilled sniper that assassinates heroes and villains alike.

This might seem like a step down from all the "female empowerment" that the current Wonder Woman movie that SJWs love to go on about, but it still maintains a good level of comedy and action for a superhero comic. If you found Adam Warren's Empowered non-offensive, then this manga.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Metal Skin Panic MADOX-1

One of the first one-shot OVAs of the 80s was this early gem by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Aramaki. This was still at the dawn of what was considered "cyberpunk anime", so it doesn't totally fall into the same category like Bubblegum Crisis or Akira. It's more similar to Black Magic-M66, a high-octane sci-fi OVA inspired by American action films.

A new mecha-suit similar to the Hulkbuster called the MADOX is goint through its final testing by the Japanese government, but gets lost during a delivery that was seriously lacking in security. Young mechanic Kouji comes upon it, and gets locked inside it. Normally, he'd just wait for help to get out, but he has to meet his girlfriend on top of a skyscraper before she leaves on a trip abroad. So, he bulldozes his way through downtown to make it on time, all while the MADOX keeps automatically causing more damage than Kouji intended. The mecha's sexy creator Elly is out to stop it, but her bitter rival Kilgore goes mad and tries to take the MADOX down by any means necessary, including using his suped-up urban mini-tank!

As one of the pioneering OVAs, Metal Skin Panic MADOX-1 is pretty standard by today's anime viewing experiences. It makes for an enjoyable single-episode feature for any moderate fan of anime, but its greatest strength is seeing some amazing mecha fights!