Monday, May 14, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Culdcept

Based on the semi-popular PS2/Dreamcast RPG video game, Culdcept is a manga taking place in the same world as the game. Not necessarily based on the game itself, but taking the surroundings and ideas from it, similar to how Wild Arms TV did from its original game series.
Set in the land of Bablascha, special card each contain a monster or creature within them that can be summoned forth to do battle. Sorta like in Yu-Gi-Oh, accept for real. Each card is a piece of an ancient book called the Culdcept which was made by the goddess Culdra in her creation of the universe. Only people called Cepters can actually wield the powers of these cards.

Najaran is an apprentice Cepter, and she gets sent by her master to seek out info about the mysterious Black Cepters who are attacking city upon city in their quest to collect all of the cards, and gain ultimate power. Najaran and her strange comrade Goligan, a living magical staff with the head of an old man, head off to desert town of Soron, and get railroaded into taking part in a Cepters tournament. After defeating all the other contestants, Najaran confronts the cocky elf boy Zeneth. Their fight nearly destroys the stadium, but Zeneth forfits making Najaran the winner.

She then gets invited to the local kings house for a banquet. Najaran soon discovers though that the king has been replaced by evil Black Cepter, Depthera. It looks like she is to be doomed, but Najaran gets saved by the last minute by Zeneth of all people. From this point, it becomes Najaran’s mission to hunt down the reminaing Black Cepters, and their dark lord.

Culdcept is a pretty good manga, certainly well drawn. The character designs are a little original for a a manga too, although some seem like their right out of Lodoss War. This is a fine series for otaku and furries. Fans of Final Fantasy will take delight in seeing Cait Sith make a cameo, or at least the Culdcept universe version of him.

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