Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 10 Super-M.I.L.Fs

There’s lots of sexy ladies in comics, but very few of them actually live long enough to be able to have kids(still realing from Wasp’s death!). So here’s my list of the top 10 Super-M.I.L.F.s:
10. Alura Supergirl’s vengeful mom might be bent on completely seperating her super-powered people from Earthlings at any cost, but she is a fine-lookin’ woman. Plus she’s one of the most brilliant scientists in Kryptonian history, even more than Jor-El(Master of Scheduling!).
9. Hawkgirl The Thanagarian spy might have totally sold out the Justice League and the rest of the world, but when she came back in a two-piece outfit in the second series, nobody seemed to care anymore. Shayera would in an alternate timeline have the Batman Beyond hero Warhawk for a son.
8. Donna Troy Former Wonder Girl/former Troia/former Darkstar/former Dark Angel/former Wonder Woman had one of the most unlikely guys as her baby’s daddy, the offspring of which later became an evil dictator who took over the world. But Donna is way more maternal than her original Amazon counterpart.
7. Shanna the She-Devil The Queen of the Savage Land ended up shacking up with Tazarn-wannabe Kazar, and had a very underclothed son. She also kicked the shizit outta some Skrull muthas.
6. Queen Serenity Having nothing to do with that shameless Outlaw Star ripoff, Sailor Moon’s mom wears a sleeveless neglice like it ain’t nobody’s business!
5. Catwoman The Golden Age Selina Kyle had split personality problems up the wazoo, but she and the original Batman still hung upside-down to make Huntress.
4. Invisible Woman The original “den mother” of superheroes, Sue Storm/Sue Richards/Invisible Girl should’ve totally kept her more revealing outfit.
3. Silk Spectre The belle of the 40s didn’t need superpowers when it came to stunning the bad guys into submission.
2. Mera Aside from being the Queen of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis, Mera is one of the most badass mommas in all of comics. She can go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman without breaking a sweat, and her Justice League animated version takes the fishcake!
1. Queen Hippolyta Wonder Woman’s mom is the Grand Poobah of the Amazons, and equal only to her daughter(s) in strength and skill. Even though she’s the occasional man-hater, she’ll totally give it up to a guy dressed as a giant cat. She’s sometimes seen as a blonde, but in recent years she’s a raven-haired beauty. The best is the nearly totally cleavage-exposing version from the animated WW movie

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