Friday, May 11, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Di Gi Charat: Dejiko's Champion Cup Theatre

After two other publishing gigs with Viz and Ironcat, the Di Gi Charat manga franchise comes home. Broccoli, the company that also put together the various other Di Gi Charat outings, has the cat-eared alien princess and her friends out for one set of adventures to another.

To explain a little about the series, it takes place in Akihabara in Japan. Dejiko, the catgirl princess of the planet Di Gi Charat, comes to Earth with her younger sister Puchiko, and a strange balloon creature called Gemma. Dejiko gets a job working at a local video game store called Gamers(which is an actual chain in Japan), although she has a rival in the older bunnygirl clerk, Rabien Rose. Her fights with Rabian usually leads to alot of property damage thanks to Dejiko’s laser vision.

Too make things weirder, a group of bad guys from Planet Analogue have come to Earth to capture Dejiko and hold her for ransom to Planet Di Gi Charat. They’re called the Black Gema Gema Gang and are lead by the adorable but selfish panda girl Piyoko, who can vomit energy blasts from her mouth. Her three bishounen dogboy helpers, coo, Ky, and Rik, later on show up to assist Piyoko, but for one reason or another, they always manage to bungle their changes at kidnapping Dejiko.

Di Gi Charat: Dejiko's Champion Cup Theatre is a pretty good series to pick up, even if you’ve never seen any of the prior anime installments. It’s cute subtle comedy, and highly recommended!

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