Friday, May 4, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Astrider Hugo

After doing an impressive job with the manga adaptaion of the original Star Wars movie, Hisao Tamaki was offered the chance to do an original American comic. Having gone on to become the artist for the Dirty Pair Japanese manga, Tamaki really went to town creating what became only a 2-issue series.

Set in the year 2175, mankind had branched off into space because rules on Earth got too tight. Alot of space stations had spread throughout the Solar System, and the trade through them have has alot of space pirates(not “pirates in space”!). Although the pirates are more in the right as the Earth Federation is almost like Big Brother in the galvaninzed efforts to stop all unregulated trade. To fight back against this tyranny is the astrider(which is a term for space travellers)Hugo uses his upgraded tech to stop the Federation. The plucky Orbital Guard officer Regina is on the case to catch Hugo, but as she persues him she realizes that the government she serves is not all its up cracked up to be. Hugo eventually gets some help from the catgirl hybrid Kinela in the explosive second and conclusive issue.

The comic had a very limited run, possibly something to deal with sales, although each issue is about twice as long as your average comic at the time. The artwork is really compelling, even if the story seems like its going a little to fast, even for a manga. I’d recommend it for fans of sci-fi adventure on the level of Flash Gordon or John Carter.

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