Monday, May 7, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *In Dream World

This RPG-inspired manwha seems like it might be based on an actual card game like Yugioh, but it doesn’t, although creator Jae-Ho Yoon was probably pitching for one when he made it.

Taking place in a fantasy realm, pirate girl Hanee is apparently from our world, but ends up being swept away to the a different reality where creatures called Nightmares prey upon the innocent. The only way to stop them is by using special magical cards called In Dream Cards. With them, the bearer can summon various creatures and magical warriors to battle the Nightmare monsters.

Once in this strange new world, Hanee is intoduced to the elvish warrior Drake who is also from another world like her, and she soon finds out that all aliens to this realm have the ability to become masters users of these In Dream Cards. Drake takes Hanee as his travelling companion after an initial attack by a Nightmare.

Later on, Drake and Hanee meet Bunny Girl, who is a young girl wearing obligatory Playboy Bunny ears, and has come down with a bit of amnesia. They then all meet up with another alien girl named Rosemary and her talking doll counterpart. Rosemary apparently comes from the same world as Hanee, but from a different period.

The ulitmate goal for the group is to hunt down and rid the world of all the Nightmares, while Hanee is hoping to find a way back home. It’s a little short of direction, but there’s some decent storytelling going on here, and interesting characters to flesh it out. Furry fans will enjoy the eclectic summon monsters like talking wolves and merfolk. Should look into it if you dug old school video games like Monster Rancher or Chrono Trigger.

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