Thursday, May 10, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Ebin And May

Collecting the first dozen or so chapters from the long-running Furrlough anthology comic, this graphic novel from Christina Hanson and Ed Garcia(aka: Backbreaker Studios)is a fine midevil fantasy for fans of drama as well as romance.

Taking place in a mythical renaissance anthropomorphic world modeled slightly after our own, the story revolves around an outcasted prince named Ebin who is the last surviving member of the original royal family of a neighboring kingdom which was taken over by the Felious Empire, which is ruled by the subversive Emporer Houman. Ebin is now living with the mage knight Lord Valkyn, who aside from being an accalaimed sorcerer is also a seller of fine horses(actual horses, not anthropomorphic ones). Ebin has apparently during his stay though taken a liking to their servant girl, May. They haven’t been unable to persue a relationship though due to Ebin’s loyalty to the residing king who sees Ebin as a possible candidate for his daughter’s fiance.

Meanwhile, the Emporer Houman is setting his sights on the kingdom Ebin is currently hiding out in for his next conquest. Valkyn and his wife Rani go out to investigate possible sabotage that Houman has done to damage relations between the two kingdoms. Ebin meanwhile is looking after the Princess Fluffy who Houman is seeking to wed to gain control of the kingdom as he did with Ebin’s.

Ebin & May is a charming folktale-inspired story, and its nice to be able to enjoy it in its entirety in this collected format. The story still continues in the pages of Furrlough. This is a real treat for furries, and lovers of a good shoujo-esque romance

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