Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 10 Ani-M.I.L.F.s

Since its Mother's Day, thought I'd list the top 10 anime mommas. Now, since mothers in anime are kind of an endangered species, coming up with 10 is no easy order.

10. Yui: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Where as she was already dead for most of the regular series(movie and TV), her presence is the main driving force for Gendo Ikari's plans for bringing about Armageddeon. She was also responsible for turning Shinji into a total Momma's boy, which makes her enough of a good mother to be on the list.

9. Trisha: Fullmetal Alchemist
Another dead character who was a motivation for the main protagonists, Trish was the wife of one of the most deadbeat dad's ever, but also a great alchemist. So when she passed on, her sons tried bringing her back to life, which ends up causing them to spend the rest of the series looking for a way to turn their bodies back to normal from the attempt. That's some loving kids, despite being turned into hideous abominations because of it.

8. Neo Queen Serenity: Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon's future self is kinda hot in her strapless evening gown. She'd be a better mother if she'd stop sending her only daughter back in time when the Earth is still being attacked by demonic aliens.

7. Misaki: Tenchi Muyo
Sasami & Ayeka's mom is freaking psycho! She's obsessive, picky, and overbearing. And that's what makes her so damn wonderful!

6. Harumi: DearS
The stepmom of the main Earth character, Takeya. She's very influential on him though, to the point where he even shrugs off the advances of his gorgeous alien slave girl because he's so infatuated with her. Plus, she delivers a great finishing wrestling move.

5.Nadoka: Ramna 1/2
Ranma's momma is seriously dedicated to her family. Especially since she's willing to behead both her husband and son if Ranma doesn't turn out to be a "man amoung men". Too bad he turns into a girl half the time!

4. Sakura: Hyper Police
Even though she starts out the series as a bachelorette, after she ends up marrying a samurai flung hundreds of years into the future(not Samurai Jack!), Sakura gives birth to triplets who manage to reach full toddler age within a few months. For a kitsune, she manages to care enough for her new family, although she still wants to devour a certain catgirl.

3. Nancy: Read Or Die
At first she was a super-powered clone of Mata Hari. She later becomes pregnant with the son of a former genocidal madman, who would later become a candidate for taking over the entire world! So not bad! Plus she wears a skintight leather outfit like Black Widow could only dream of.

2. Hild: Ah My Goddess

Urd's mother is the ruler of the underworld, and the grand poobah of all demons. Acting also as the boss for the demon Marller, she constantly tries to break up Belldandy's relationship with a wimpy college student. She is pretty much all powerful, but still tries to maintain the balance between good and evil. She's also one of the most voluptuous females in all of anime!

1.Washu: Tenchi Muyo
One of three goddess that govern the cosmos, Washu is also the most brilliant scientist in the universe. Giving birth to one of the most prominent members in the Kuramitsu family(of whom the character Mihoshi is descended), Washu also created the neferious space pirate Ryoko using her own egg cel. Washu can shift between her younger Washu-chan guise, to her adult form. But her full-fledged goddess stature is totally "hubba-hubba"!

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