Friday, May 4, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Kreeky Playground

If The Nightmare Before Christmas was like The Passion to you, then this manga-styled graphic novel is totally up your dark and sinster-looking alley. Collecting two comic series from goth spindoctor, Aaron Bordner, Kreeky Playground is an anthology of the title of the same name, and another title called Monster High School(no relation to the Monster High animated series).

The first part of the book is about Alice Sinn, a walking dead girl and her adventures in the afterlife. Most of which involve a boogieman-type guy called Springheel Jack who apparently has an axe to grind with her.

Next is Evil Voodoo, an evil living ragdoll. He acts as sort of a grim reaper for misfit Halloween toys, and here he’s out to get a whole army of possessed robot action figures.

Monster High School is next. Like School Bites, it’s about an academy for young monster girls. But not just vampires. There’s mummies, werewolves, witches, devils, and the obligatory invisible girl. Mainly, the stories are about the stiched up Frankey and her efforts to pass her science class.

Closing it out is an original story of Freak, who is a lovely young girl who just happens to have a second pair of arms. Usually its about her trying to get a date, or fend off weirdo superheroes.

Kreeky Playground is a weirdly funny book. It’s visually very enjoyable, and delves deeply into the macarbe but slightly cute side of gothic horror.

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