Monday, April 30, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Captain Nemo

This English-language manga that was the first volume of a discontinued series in one of Seven Seas Entertainment’s numerous original American titles
This is about the son of the original Capt. Nemo fighting to raise an army against Napoleon IV to free Europe from his tyranny in an alternate 1893. Sent to apprehend the revolutionary pirate, the Minister of Security looses his lovely daughter Camille to Nemo Jr. and his crew of the Nautilus II. Nemo claims her to be a captive, but treats her with gentlemanly respect, which woos her to the part of them making out more than once. A visit to the underwater sunken continent of Lumeria reveals one of the last of an ancient race of sea creatures, which is also where Nemo stores a lot of his loot. The book ends with the crew going to Japan to buy weapons for their cause, which was going to lead into material with hot springs and samurai.

This is a visually agreeable manga, and sure to please your average steampunk fanatics. It’s available as a single graphic novel and on Kindle.

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