Friday, April 19, 2013

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Master Of Mosquiton

This 6-episode OVA was based on an offbeat manga involving monsters, aliens, and all manner of tomb raiding! It helps that it came out during the time of the OVA Golden Age.

Set during the 1920s, the ambitious teenage explorer Inaho finds the tomb of the vampire lord Mosquiton, and revives him with her blood, making her his master, along with his two elemental sidekicks. From there, Inaho sets out to find the mystical O-Part which is supposed to grant immortality. A pyramid appears in the middle of London, and Inaho & Co. investigate it in their custom jet-powered biplane. They find what they think is an O-Part, but is actually a key to activate a space bridge to the moon. It ends up in the hands of none other than Rasputin who wants to use an existing O-Part on lunar pyramid to get back at some “star lords”. To complicate thing more, Mosquiton’s ex-wife Camille forms a sexy love triangle between him and Inaho.

The steampunk value in this is minor, but it does act as a stable vehicle for the plot, but there is some fair otherworldly imagery and gadgets in the vein of Jules Verne. This was first released on VHS through ADV Films, and then eventually later on DVD through Media Blasters using the same dub.

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  1. I quite liked this one. I'd have liked it a bit more if the female lead wasn't the most annoying anime character ever. Camille was cool though.


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