Friday, April 12, 2013


This comic has an on-again/off-again printing with two one-shot specials and a mini-series, but the beginning one-shot has a strong steampunk thread in it. Howard Shum created this cool series which mixes in Jackie Chan with Indiana Jones.

Bo Shen is a hip jive-talking martial arts police detective from 1936 Hong Kong who gets hired by the Queen of England herself to take out a Nazi robot factory in Germany. Once there, he allows himself to get captured, and introduced to the Nazilicious Dr. Witt, who pits him against their prototype giant robot. Shen starts a fire that blows up the factory, and then uses his “mad skills” to bury the robot in the ice.

The anime-styled design and cool action make this a good first regular issue special. Further issues have him off to the jungle to team up with the hot Jaguar Girl, and another one-shot in Vegas. Fans of the recent Man Of The Iron Fists movie should get a kick out of it!

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