Tuesday, April 2, 2013

OBSCURE O.V.A., *Kishin Corps

If the Transformers had been let out during the 1940s, it might go a little something like this. This OVA was based on a light novel series written by Ghost In The Shell writer Masaki Yamada is an interesting look at alternate history.

Set in an alternate WWII, the Allied Forces not only have to deal with the Nazis, but alien invaders too. Germany and Japan are attempting to possess most of the alien tech they can find to win the war, while a special group of freedom fighters called the Kishin Corps use giant robots to repel the united threat of the Axis powers and the aliens.

Also known as Geo-Armor, this OVA series had some impressive mecha designs, and a great retro-future look. Director, Kazunori Mizuno(of Bleach fame), did a very professional job with the approach with this steampunk mixing of a WWII intrigue and sci-fi giant robots.

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