Thursday, April 4, 2013

OBCURE O.V.A.S, *Strait Jacket

Some might see this and think it’s a blatant Fullmetal Alchemist clone, but keeps a clear definition between alchemy and sorcery in this 3-episode OVA series. It has sometimes been screened in America as a single movie on places like Syfy during their old Ani-Monday block.

This story takes place in an alternate 1899, it’s about freelance tactical exorcist named Rayoette who wears a special type of garment to prevent himself turning into a monster from using too much magic, the result of which can themselves to become possessed. There’s an understaffed official bureau that deals with these monsters, so they have to hire outside help to deal with an outbreak of possessions. The other storyline involves the bureau officer Isaac and his rivalry with Rayoette causes him to go the distance in using sorcery, plus some fair political intrigue.

The world this inhabits has a stylish gothic blend of magic and Victorian technology. Worth checking out on DVD if you haven't already seen it on cable.

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