Friday, April 12, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Slayers Return

If you've seen the Slayers Return anime movie(the 2nd of the series), then this isn't too much new here. This manga takes place during Lina Inverse's early days when she commonly paired up with the busty sorceress Naga.

It starts out with a short bit where they help a dress shop owner ward off ambitious debt collectors. Then, the actual main part is of the Slayer Return movie where Lina & Naga help a small village from being oppressed by a down and out criminal orginization called the Tsine who are planning on ruling the world with an ancient elven treasure. After realizing that the Tsine is run by the inept summoner Galef and his swordsman sidekick, Lina & Naga chase them off to the village where they run into the rest of Galef's gang. However, the rest of the Tsine are mad at Galef for not paying them. So they all head off to the treasure together and discover its really a giant monster that comes to life and starts ravaging a nearby village. Lina, Naga, along with the Tsine finally stop the monster, but Lina once again makes off with only a minimal payment to show for it. The final chapter in the book is a prequal to the main story showing how Galef got it into his head to start his own evil orginization in the first place despite having little money and few resources.

Slayers Return is a one-shot taking place after the Slayer Special manga series. It's s short but fun look at the young Lina Inverse chronicles!

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