Monday, April 8, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Warlands

Dreamwave became pretty infamous with its reintroduction with its reintroduction to Transformers comics back in the 90s, but it became even more infamous with its apparent "ripoffs" of various anime titles like Akira and Ghost In The Shell. But Warlands actually went on for several mini-series, and was largely inspired by Record Of Lodoss War, at least the original volume.

It begins in the land known as of all things Warlands, where a vampire armada from the neighboring country of Datara seeks a legendary artifact called the Darklyte Armor, which is the only thing that can repel their chances of conquering Warlands. After the vampire Prince Aalok takes over a garrison, the only survivor is a brave young knight named Jerell. He befriends the elf princess Elessa, and the two team up with the mage Delezar, along with the blind mystic Zeph. They manage to enlist the aid of the elves, and set out to stop. The Aalok himself eventually claims the armor, which cures him of his vampire urges while he's wearing it. He vows to stop his father, the vampire khan Malagen. The ensuing duel to the death leaves a permanent curse on Warlands, blanketing it in an ongoing winter.

The second series called The Age Of Ice, Zeph is still alive decades later and looking for a way to lift the curse from Warlands. All this while an empire of winger warriors known as Ryotians have taken over and enslaved the people. This was a slightly better story that actually fleshed out to a better story than the original, mostly because it wasn't a take on an existing title like Dungeons & Dragons.

Two other spinoff titles included Dark Tide Rising and Banished Knights which took place in between Volume #1 & #2 of the comic. A samurai comic titled Shidima was supposedly set in the same universe as Warlands but several centuries in the past. The actual comics are all worth looking into, but I strongly recommend looking into the original comic series and the more superior sequal, The Age Of Ice, above anything else.

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