Monday, April 29, 2013

ANI-MOVIES, *Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore

After the somewhat successful run of the anime series on what was once G4, Marvel decided to make another production of the Armored Avenger, but this one seems to tie into the Iron Man/Avengers live-action movie franchise. The Marvel Anime lineup included Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men, and Blade, which were more or less all in the same continuity. Although this particular movie could be completely removed from that established "universe", even though it does hint at other Marvel incarnations like Asgard and the Savage Land. It was animated by Madhouse, who also handled the other Marvel anime series, as well as a few other original Marvel animation movies like Planet Hulk. So at least you know Marvel was off to a good start with this production.

Tony Stark(aka: Iron Man)is unveiling his new satellite named the Howard which is supposed to provide recon for the entire world warning of any threats as they surface. However, Ezekiel Stane, son Obadiah(aka: Iron Monger), seeks to use the Howard to destroy life on Earth with his new Technovore technology. The Technovore was a one-shot creation by the supervillain group AIM in the comics, but here its the creation of Ezekiel, and is sort of like a techno-organic version of the Venom symboite from Spider-Man. After Rhodey(aka: War Machine)was injured after the attack, Tony is on the run from SHIELD while trying to unravel the identity of this new enemy. Stark rendezvous with the Punisher in the Middle East for intel on Ezekiel, but is interrupter by Black Widow and Hawkeye, which leads to a great chase between the four heroes. Iron Man finally confronts the Technovore, with all of SHIELD and War Machine having to stop this menace from wiping out all life on Earth.

The animation in this is very dynamic. It was directed by Hiroshi Hamasaki, whose previous works include Ninja Scroll and Perfect Blue, and his style really comes through, especially in most of the bombastic action sequeneces. It makes you wonder why there aren't more anime with people in armored suits(not including "magical armor). Do yourself a big favor and get the Blu-Ray to fully appreciate the total scope of the animation. Also, don't bother with any of the other language settings except for the English dub because the dialogue is way more fitting for fans of the Marvel comics and movies.

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