Saturday, October 13, 2012


This limited series was put together by occasional hentai artist Satoshi Shiki back in the early 90s. Viz printed this in comic format at first, and then in to two trade paperbacks. This sci-fi action falls under the category of "post-apolcayptic western" similar to Eat-Man.

A reckless outlaw called Billy the Kid(not the original one!)plans to steal a magical grimoire called the Riot, which is one of several books of spells left over from before the apocalypse with great powers in it. Billy gets nearly killed while trying to obtain it from the book's guardian, Axel. The spirit of the Riot makes a contract with Billy that it will save his life if he becomes Axel's bodyguard. Riot agrees, and now has to deal with heretics from the same order that covet the spell books. Some are from other churches that wish to use the power to rule the world, but Billy has that in mind for himself. After confronting the reckless assassin Ziggy, Billy is reunited with some of his old comrades who join him in his quest.

This manga is fair, although the plot is very much all over the place with the conflicting forces vying for the Riot. The main selling point is Shiki's artwork which makes it at least worth looking up.

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