Friday, October 19, 2012

Anime For Halloween

Planning your own anime-themed Halloween party/rave/shindig/etc.? Then here's a quick list of anime OVAs & movies readily-available in America you might wanna screen for some screams:


The original anime movie about a dhampir(half-human/half-vampire)who is a vampire hunter about 10,000 years in the future, and rescues a sexy werewolf hunter from an evil vampire lord. Yoshitaka Amano of Final Fantasy did the eerie character designs for this , and it was produced by Toyoo Ashida who did this right after finishing Fist Of The North Star, another killer 80s post-apocalyptic anime. Some serious grindhouse-meets-Hammer Horror magic here!


This movie is seen as a sequal to the original, although you can view it on its own without having any knowledge of the prior. Based on the third of the VHD book series, this one is alot more geared toward fans of Castlevania and The Vampire Chronicles with dark images and some addictively grotesque action sequences. In it, D has to rescue another maiden who has been taken by a vampire lord, although this one is more of a gothic love story. But the main selling point in it is the team of vampire hunters modeled after the A-Team!


This short indy Japanese animated movie was fully computer animated about a group of children who put on fox maskes and run around an abandonned part of the city and play a game of hide-n'-seek. One of goes along to find his missing sister, but its soon revealed that the entire area is haunted by demons. The movie makes for a suspenseful slasher-type story as each of the kids get picked off one-by-one by the monsters, especially the mechanical menace that feeds off the children.


Another bloodsucker movie, but also kinda short is the original Blood anime. This was created by Kenji Kamiyama who worked on Ghost In The Shell, and was one of the first anime productions to mix computer animation with 2D. A vampire slayer in mid-60s Japan takes on vampiric creatures called Chiropterans on an American air force base on Halloween. This is probably the best selection for a Halloween party in retrospect.


Even though the TV series that its a continuation of is "supposed" to be coming out sometime soon to America, the movie was the first anime of it to be released in English. Mikami is a busty exorcist known as a Ghost Sweeper, who is always out to make a quick buck. Now, the Nosferatu has been resurrected, and Mikami has to team up with her business rivals in order to take him down. A sexy/funny romp for any ghostbusters fan.

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