Saturday, October 20, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Drop Dead Monstrous

Sweatdrop Studios is a British publisher of original manga-styled comics and graphic novels, some of which are anthologies set to a certain themes. One of these was one featuring all monster stories titled Drop Dead Monstrous. This has stories by several of their regular contributors like Selina Dean and Faye Yong, who on their own had their material printed in the U.K. version of Tokyo Pop's Rising Stars Of Manga. But their work isn't amateur, and it shines in this particular one.

The first story is about an apprentice mentim, or grim reaper who is doubting her role as an angel of death. Next is a short look in the tragic life of professional zombie killers. Then, a sad girl sells her soul to a demon to bring her brother back to life. Following that is an enchantingly cute tale of kappas(Japanese turtle monsters)as they try to save their village from a rampaging cucumber! Next is another story with monster hunters as they duel with vampires. After that is a very funny yarn about a sexy zombie stripper. Finally is a cryptic tale about a very cruel model as she shows she's a true monster without actually being one.

I'd very much recommend this as a great prep up for Halloween. There's some very good manga-styled horror and monster yarns in it, even though they don't seem to reflect too much on traditional Japanese horror. It's worth looking up if you want an eclectic collection of manga fun.

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