Monday, October 22, 2012

OBSCURE O.V.A.S, *Legend Of Lemnear

If you're a fan of Frank Frazetta, or sexy fantasy/adventure, then this is totally up your alley. Legend Of Lemnear was a 3-volume manga by Plastic Little creators Kinji Yoshimoto and Satoshi Urushihara, and was later adapted into this 45-minutes OVA.

Set in a Conan-styled world, Lemnear is a bikini-clad warrior woman on a pterodactyl searching the landscape for the evil wizard Gardein that killed her family. This leads her to a city in the middle of the desert ruled by a lard-ass sultan who has the most bitchin' topless harem ever, but is also in the pocket of Gardein, and his master, the Dark Lord Varhol. Lemnear gets caught, and enslaved by the evil sultan, but encounters an old Gandalf dude who tells her she is the "Champion of Silver", and presents her with a magical necklace. After being temporarily hypnotized by the sultan, she breaks free and heads out after Gardein. She flies up on her big bird, and follows him to a giant floating fortress which is Varhol's lair. He absorbs Gardein into himself revealing that he was really a part of him all along, and that he is was the Champion of Gold. His plan was to absorb Lemnear and her captured friend Messhu(who is the Champion of Bronze)to become all powerful. Varhol then morphs into a two-headed dragon for a fight that Dirk the Daring would've survived. But Lemnear escapes with Messhu on her pterodactyl, and Varhol morphs again into a stone giant the size of a skyscraper. It takes the combine powers of Silver and Bronze to finally smite him down.

Urushihara did some amazingly vibrant artwork for this, and there is truly vivid animation by AIC, whose work is seen in numerous anime movies and OVAs to this day. Most people think there's alot of similarities between this and the Taarna character from the Heavy Metal movie, mainly that she's a hot white-haired Red Sonja girl with flying dinosaur in a desolate wasteland, although this one is more fantasy-based, and is way heavier into fan service. It doesn't have much in the ways of substance, but is pretty good at least for fans of old Japanese NES fantasy games.

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