Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anime That SHOULD Be Re-animated In America!

With anime titles like Akira and Death Note coming to the States as live-action movies, I thought I'd go over a few anime titles that would also make for an okay animated American production. While some of the U.S. remakes of Speed Racer and Voltron weren't all that spectacular, there's the possibilty of us doing decent interpetations of Japanese titles. If they can make anime of Karas, G.I. Joe, Powerpuff Girls, Tomb Of Dracula, Captain Future, Highlander, Lilo And Stitch, and Witchblade, then we could shamelessly take something of there's and make it work for us.
After the total absense of a reasonable conclusion, this was a series that was demanding to be remade(at least by American otaku)! The anime was about a lone swordsman named Guts who joins up with a band of mercenaries in a wartorn fantasy world. This already appeals to fans of Warcraft, or those who thought Lord Of The Rings needed more bloody violence in it. Plus, the fanbase for this series is strong out here. This would make a good animated TV series, probably for HBO. Titmouse would be my choice to animate it. They also did Metalocalpyse, Amazing Screw-On Head, Afro Samurai, and GI Joe: Resolute.

Pirates In Spaaaaaace! While alot of people consider him to be a space pirate, Harlock(or sometimes Herlock) is really a pirate in space. I actully have a whole Jeff Foxworthy bit of "You might be a pirate in space if...", but I'll say that Harlock is one of the strongest space heroes ever! He's a moody revolutionary fighting for human freedom in an alien oppressed universe. He even goes up against the Norse Gods! Harlock has had several TV series(including one where he's in the old west), plus movies like the memorable Arcadia Of My Youth, as well as several other "Lejiverse" titles like Star Blazers and Galaxy Express 999. This would make for a great animated epic sci-fi TV series in America on the scale of Battlestar Galactica. I'd vote for Mainframe Entertainment who did Beast Wars and Reboot.
The original anime android girl, and the original anime superheroine! Playing out as a sexy sci-fi action series, Honey Kisaragi is a teenager who discovers she's really a superpowered android modeled after her creator's real daughter. Honey has the ability to transform her clothes and appearance thanks to her patented "Honey Flash"(which is ripped off by several latter magical girl shows!)which also allows her to create weapons and vehicles out of any molecules. She regularly fights the evil Panther Claw gang, while trying to maintain her secret identity. There's some wonderfully over the top fight sequences. This would make for a saucy superhero series out here, possibly for Sci-Fi Channel(or SyFy), which I'd nominate Adelaide Productions who animated Spectacular Spider-Man, The Boondocks, and Roughnecks.
Anime's answer to Barbarella + 2. This was an anime TV series, OVA series and specials, and a movie based on sci-fi novels about two sexy bikini-clad special agents in the future who work for an intergalactic originization called WWWA. The fiesty Kei and the lusty Yuri are codenamed "Lovely Angels", but because of their habit for continuously causing chaotic destruction on all their missions, they've been branded as the "Dirty Pair". This show was reinvented in the 90s under the title Dirty Pair Flash, and has also been turned into a popular run of comic book mini-series(s) in America by Adam Warren. For a redone animated version out here I'd suggest Film Roman, whose productions include Hellboy: Animated, Dead Space: Downfall, and X-Men: Evolution.
One of the few American-based anime(i.e.: it actually takes place in America), it was originally a manga remake of a profoundly cool title from the 80s, Riding Bean, which was very much like The Transporter without all the "clothes-fu". In it, Rally Vincent owns Chicago a gun store, but part-times as a bounty hunter along with her short partner May Hopkins. There was an OVA mini-series done of this that is considered a cult classic by American fans because of its killer action and Hollywood-styled thrills. For a possible U.S. adaption, I'd have Genndy Tartakovsky because of his great sense of blending action with comedy.
Despite some of the bizarre gender-bending going on in it, Ranma 1/2 is one of the most iconic anime titles from the 90s, and swayed alot of Americans into becoming otaku. Created by Rumiko Takahashi(who also did Inu Yasha), this was a manga and then an anime TV series, OVA series(s), and three movies about a martial artist named Ranma that gets cursed by an ancient Chinese spring that turns into a girl everytime he gets wet. This leads into some strange situations, especially with his rivals and possible love interests. It would make for an intersting "teen-friendly" romantic martial arts comedy series if done by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko who are famous for doing Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Had to throw in a WTF? choice! This was an anime that Toonami weirdly enough aired the entire series of. Originally done as a parody of Fist Of The North Star, this was a manga and anime series that spoofed nearly every shonen title ever done, including Dragonball, Pokemon, Naruto, and Gundam. In it, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a Johnny Bravo lookalike who fights his appoinents with his mighty nosehairs(that right, nosehairs!), and picks up a group of equally weirder fighters in his quest to take down the farcical Maruhage Empire. For the gaijin adaption of this, I'd go strait to the William Street crew who did Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost: Coast To Coast, and Squidbillies. It would be really funny if they used old footage from vintage anime shows and redid them like in Sealab 2021.

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