Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ANI-MOVIES, *Resident Evil: Damnation

Since Resident Evil: Damnation achieved a moderate success, the fellas at Capcom decided to do another fully-CGI movie. This one also ties into the continuity of the Resident Evil video games, and totally void of the Paul W.S. Anderson live-action franchise(thankfully!). It was animated by Capcom studios, and Digital Frontier which handles several Japanese live-action and anime movies.

Taking place sometime after the Resident Evil 5 game, zombie survivalist Leon Kennedy is sent into an unnamed Soviet country which is in the middle of a civil war to see if either side is using BOWs(Bio-Organic Weapons)such as the T-Virus. Leon is captured by the resistance and discover that they are using a new form Plaga that allows them to mentally control the wall-crawling Lickers. Meanwhile, RE femme fatale Ada Wong is posing as UN liasion to the country's female president Svetlana, but Ada is really working for a unknown source(more than likely to be revealed in Resident Evil 6. Leon's rebel buddies get taken down by the Plaga-infested zombies, and their remaining leader Alexander uses a Plaga to launch a Licker attack on the capitol. Svetlana's forces are unable to repel them, until she unleashes several of the giant Tyrant monsters on them. Leon and Alexander are ultimately saved by the combined American and Russian forces, which almost seems to make everything Leon went through entirely pointless if they were going to step in and take control of the country in the first place.

Damnation is a definate upgrade from Degeneration in as far as the action and animation, plus this one is actually Rated R so there's alot more blood for your buck. Storywise though, this doesn't have much of an impact on the given series, sorta like an anime movie based on an TV series like Naruto that acts an an outside filler arc. There's still very few actual "zombies" in this, although the showdown between the Tyrants and Lickers is a seriously cool fight. I'd recommend this for fans of the video games, or people who are just damn tired of Milla Jovovich and her Matrix bullcrap.

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