Wednesday, October 3, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *The Lost Books Of Eve

Most people know Josh Howard for his sexy girl artwork like in Dead@17, but it really stands out in this epic retelling of first sexy girl, Eve. This 4-issue mini-series was done in a distinct anime-style.

Set during the beginning of the world, Adam and Eve apparently took a vacation from the Garden of Eden, but while at sea, Adam was lost during a storm. Eve makes her way back to Eden thanks to the winged reptile Nakash. Once back, she confronts "The Maker" who advises her to wait in Eden for Adam to return. Not content with this, Eve decides to go on her own, but is met by Asherah, the guardian of the gate to Eden. She accompanies Eve on her quest. After crossing a desert plagued with golems, they reach the city of Jupiter, one of the last outposts for the Greek pantheon. Eve gets caught by Zeus' guards, and forced to wear a Slave Leia outfit for his amusement. She gets sprung Melchizedek(or "Mel"), a horned man who works for the Maker. Even then ends up getting caught by Lilith, the culprit who also kidnapped Adam, who is actually Adam's ex-wife. Lilith was the original guardian of Eden that Adam fell in love with, although her greediness got her expelled from the garden. Eve escapes, but has to leave Adam behind. The story concludes with Eve back in Eden waiting for Adam's return while being tempted by the forbidden fruit.

This was an interesting look at the "mythology" of the Old Testament, while mixing in some serious fan service. Josh Howard does a good job with the character designs and the flow of the story. It would be nice to see a continuation of this story sometime outside the original mini-series.

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