Thursday, July 19, 2012


Following the manga from Metsuteru Yokoyama(the creator of Gigantor), Babel II is not a sequal to something. The “II” indicates the main character is Babel the 2nd.

Koichi is a seemingly normal young man who keeps getting dreams about a tall tower in the desert. It turns out to be the very Tower of Babel from the Bible. He is saught out by Juju, a beautiful pink-haired psychic who tries to recruit him for her group of revolutionary psychics lead by the maniacal Magnus. Koichi decides to use the special powers that awaken in him to help defend humanity from this band of superhuman revolutionaries. With his comrades, the shapechanging panther, a giant robot, and a Rodan clone, he might just win. Adopting the new name of Babel II, Koichi tries to assist a group of authorities with bringing down Magnus’ plans for world domination.

Many characters from this series were later reused for the Giant Robo anime which was an almagamation of several of Yokoyama’s titles, where Babel II is actually the secret main bad guy who only appears at the very end of the series. Babel II: Perfect Collection has all 4 episodes of the original OVA series as released through Streamline Pictures which is now owned by Image Entertainment. This is not the TV series however, Babel II: Beyond Infinity. People sometimes confuse this with the remake. But still the animation is fair and has lots of super action for your generic X-Men fan!

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