Thursday, July 5, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Ragnarok

This was a great manga, although technically not a “manga” persay since it comes from Korea. Myung-Jin Lee did a fabulous job on the art. This takes place in a sci-fi version of the Norse legends, sort of like Reign The Conqueror is a sci-fi version of Greek mythology.

The goddess Fenris has been reborn in the body of a human sorceress. She is being stalked by an ambitious Valkerie. Fenris runs into the might young warrior Chaos and his friend, the enchantress Iris. They bring her back to Iris’ city of Fayon in the kingdom of Midgard. But Fenris soon learns she has ties to Iris. Plus, the scantily-clad thief Lidia hopes to gain the favor of Chaos, and joins the others on their quest.

This series has alot of cool graphics and great design. Of course, more people are familiar with the Ragnarok Online gaming community(and its crappy anime TV series spinoff)that was based on the manga. But check out the original manga as its far better than any of the other adaptations.

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