Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Video Girl Ai

This is one truly masterful blend of comedy and romantic fantasy! Masakazu Kastura(creator of Iria and DNA 2)truly peaked with his title: Video Girl Ai.

Lonely heartbroken Yota learns the girl he had a crush on is really in love with his friend. On his way home from this revelation, he sees a video store that he never noticed before, and decides to take home a “video girl”. In Japan, a video girl is a video-recorded date for men. But this one is a real Video Girl, and comes right out of the TV into Yota’s living room. Now, he’s got Ai, his own little genie-like playmate for three months. It’s her job to comfort him and make him feel secure, but because Ai’s tape was played on a VCR, her program becomes different and she starts to fall in love with Yota. While at the same time Yota is trying to get over his feelings for his unrequited love, Moemi, who on her own seems to have a thing for Yota too even though she’s now dating his friend Takashi. Then, Ai gets sent away by her creator, and redone with a new mission, to just root for Yota. But their love for each other prooves too strong, which causes Ai to be sent away again. When she returns, she has no memory of Yota or the love she had for him. This while Yota has gotten a new girlfriend in the cute Nobuko.

Does Yota pick the right girl in the end? Will the Video Girl god ever leave Ai alone and let her get a normal life? All the questions and more are in the manga. Also try to track down out the cool anime on DVD or video also from Viz!

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