Thursday, July 26, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Victory

Back in the late 90s-early 2000s, there was a nearly unlimited supply of anime/manga-styled American comics, even though most otaky preferred the "real manga" from Japan. One series however was a little more eyecatching then some of the others, and the fact that their covers usually had a bikini-clad redheaded elf babe(of which there were always variant covers to)helped out alot in the sales. This was originally an Brazillian-based comic that was brought over to America and printed through Image Comics, and managed to last about two 4-issue mini-series.

A group of teen RPGers after getting kicked out the mall and go their friend "The Druid's" house to play in peace. The team gamemaster Flavius happens upon an ancient book in the Druid's library which accidently summons up some demons that slay the Druid, and threaten to off the kids. Fortunately, the buxom half-goddess/half-elf Victoria also gets released from the magical world of the book and vanquishes the monsters. She proclaims Flavius to be her new "master", and that she will stay with him forever. But a giant Cthulu monster is also summoned from underneath the ocean, and is going to do some serious Unicron-levels of devastasion to the Earth unless Victoria can stop him. Victoria sets out in an epic battle with this moon-sized menace, and it looks like she sacrifices herself to save the world, but she turns up alive at the end, and since Flavius is her master, she becomes his new roommate(even though they never say how his parent feel about it!).

The second series begins with two friends of Flavius coming upon Victoria's book where she came from, and are lured into it by the last living god from that realm, Elrophen, the god of vanity. He tricks them into joining him in an attempt to get revenge on Victoria and Flavius head into the world of the book to stop Elrophen and free his friends. But instead of fully defeating Elrophen, they unknowingly open the door for him to enter our world.

This series was actually a spinoff of another comic from Brazil called Dungeon Crawlers, which was on its own tied to an earlier series titled Holy Avenger. Only the two Victory series are available in English though. Creator, Marcelo Cassaro, might be familiar to some as the writer from the Street Fighter II comic book that was released in the U.S. through Malibu Comics, but he's improved alot since then as his stories are more fantasy-focused. Also, artist Eduardo Francisco has some impressive style here, and you should check out his other works in some of the Fathom and Executive Assistant comics. Victory is only available out here in seperate issues, and has so far never been released in trade paperback form, but you should totally check out this comic where you can!

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