Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Dominion

From Masumune Shirow(creator of Appleseed)comes this special “filler” story to the original Dominion: Tank Police OVA series. This manga happens inbetween the two parts of the anime, namely Episodes 2 & 3.

Here, it is the not too far off future where Earth is covered by a bacteria cloud that forces everyone to wear gas masks while outdoors. In this hostile enviroment, crimes are commonplace, and to fight this is the Tank Police. They’re your average special forces task squad that patrol the streets in large tanks. Except one tank in particular is custom-made and compact, Bonaparte. This is piloted by the tomboy Leona and her would be boyfriend Al. They usually have their hands full with the criminal/activist cyborg Buaka and his catgirl playmates: Annapuma and Unapuma. Their capturing of the synthetic lifeform, Greenpeace, may be the only hope humanity has of lifting the bacteria cloud. But Buaka plans on heading for outer space to live life on a new colony.

Can Leona and her squad stop them? Will the chief ever stop yelling “Brenten!”? Check out Shirow’s masterful work in action to find out. P.S. This little baby is actually a prelude into the Ghost In The Shell manga. No kidding!

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