Monday, July 23, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Seraphic Feather

Former artist for for the manga Countdown tones down his ecchi for a whole lot of cheesecake in this smooth sci-fi manga.

In a slight mixing between Totall Recall and the anime Bounty Dog, this story takes place in the future where humanity has colonized the moon. There, they have discovered the remains of an ancient living alien starship that has some connection to three mysterious stones recently found on Earth named Emblem Seeds. The young Sunao goes to the moon to visit the grave of his deceased childhood friend, but ends up being stuck there after running out of money. So now he does odd jobs to try to earn enough to get home. While at the same time Sunao realizes he has gained what is called “meta-talents” which give him slightly psychic abilities. This ties into the group who has found the alien craft, and their leader Apep has harnessed its powers and wishes to use them to gain ultimate knowledge. He has requested that the Emblem Seeds from Earth be brought to the moon for study. The Seeds are being delivered by a girl who bares a strong resemblence to Sunao’s departed friend who also has psychic powers.

Seraphic Feather has alot going for it with a compelling plot and fine character development. Not to mention some SERIOUS fan service! Read it!

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