Friday, March 15, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Time Lincoln

Did you know that before he was a vampire hunter, Abe Lincoln was a goram Time Lord? Even though it allegedly has nothing to do with the Aqua Teen Huger Force movie, this was a series of one-shot specials that have been collected into a trade paperback.

Here, Abe Lincoln was being targeted on the night of his assassination by none other than Joseph Stalin, here called Void Stalin. Stalin stole time-travel powers from Rasputin, and travelled back to stop Lincoln from gaining the potential from stopping his conquest of time, but he doesn’t realize that this act is what actually gives Lincoln his time abilities. Lincoln then gets help from Einstein, Ben Franklin, George Washington Carver, Amelia Earhart, and Edison to stop Stalin and his forces.

Creator Fred Perry brings in some terrific anime elements to this, like Lincoln giving Hitler a big “Shoryuken” into another dimension. Be sure to get the graphic novel for this as opposed to the comic one-shots because it’s printed in chronological order.

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