Monday, March 11, 2013

ANI-MOVIES, *The Great Mouse Detective

Another fun one from Disney is this adaptation of the Basil Of Baker Street children’s books by Eve Titus.

Basil is mouse that lives in Sherlock Holmes’ pad, and along with his new assistant Dr. Dawson has to help the adorable Olivia find her inventor father who had been abducted by the sinister Ratigan.

Vincent Price does a memorable performances as the Moriarty-themed Ratigan, who plans to make a robotic duplicate of the mouse queen so he can take over England. Ron Clements started his big career as a director on this, and it shows with some impressive action sequences than in most Disney films. The best are the airship chase near the end, along with the fight within Big Ben. One of the few steampunk movies the kids can enjoy.

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