Thursday, March 28, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Amala's Blade

A mix of both steampunk and cyberpunk, this manga styled comic series from Dark Horse begins with an Issue #0.

Amala is a sword for hire who is constantly haunted by all the people she ever killed, all while trying to axe the rebellious techno-pirate, Captain Cha'Kooh for her vizier. Amala manages to finally best the Santa Claus-looking swashbuckler, and takes control of what remains of his crew. The rest of the series has Amala’s adventures as a master assassin while still having all new ghosts to add to her entourage, including a steampunk cyber-monkey!

Newcomer writer Steve Horton does a nice job of blending the two main genres into a decent story, and equally new artist Micael Dialynas breathes a lot of life into the characters with his gripping style. Definitely look it up!

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