Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Mighty Tiny

This anthropomorphic comic by Ben Dunn is very influenced by the early works of Hiyao Miyazaki such as Nausicaa and Castle In The Sky This was a 5-issue mini-series and a one-shot special that has been collected into more than one graphic novel.

Set in an world divided by sentient mice and rats, the empires of Mousputa and Ratvaria have been at war for a generations, but they have finally managed to achieve an uneasy truce. However, a secret cabal known as the Triad plans to bring both nations back into the fray. Only the daring Captain Tiny and two youngsters can halt their plans and save rodentkind.

There are some impressive military designs, and seriously flipped airship battles. Plus the mouse people are just soooo cuuuute!

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