Friday, March 22, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Cathedral Child

In what could be seen as one of the very first official steampunk comics, this was part of what was called the Texas Steampunk trilogy, although only two of them where printed.

In 1897, a church has become the site of new kind of computer which is supposed to have artificial intelligence. This is left in the care of the beautiful but mysterious Glory, and her lover Sumner. As the years go by, we see how their relationship builds and nurtures the living computer called Cathedral. But it wants to be reborn in a human body and experience life.

Cathedral Child is a gripping romance mixed with a fantasy and a little sci-fi too. The next book, Clockwork Angels, deals with two lesbian detectives in the same era, though it is mostly unrelated to the original book. The first volume is available in print, and in its entirety as a webcomic.

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