Thursday, February 7, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Sorcerer Hunters

There are plenty of times when the manga is better than the anime, and Sorcerer Hunters is a shining example of this. Satori Akahori(creator of Saber Marionette J)wrote this, and it was illustrated by his occasional partner Rei Omishi. This original post-apocalyptic fantasy adventure was often considered an hentai because of its joking use of S&M.

Set in the mystical realm of the Spooner Continent, several teams known as Sorcerer Hunters are sent out by the goddess figure of Big Mama to stop evil magic-users from tormenting poor citizens. The main team involved in this are the skirt-chasing Carrot and his girlish brother Marron, along with the large spectacles-wearing Tira. They are later joined regularly by Tira's older sister Chocolate(who totally lusts over Carrot much to his shagrin), and the beefcake Gateau. During the first part of the series, they tangle with the diabolical "sorcerer doctor", Sacher Torte, and his minions, one of which is Gateau's sistert Eclair. They actually go through a large story arc afterwards which acts as a prequal with Carrot's parents when they were Sorcerer Hunters. This leads into the final arc where Big Mama's brother Charlotte returns froms the dead, and plans to use Carrot's god of destruction that lies within him to bring about a new apocalypse.

The Sorcerer Hunters manga has some really great artwork by Omishi which really carries the artwork flowingly from page-to-page. Akahori's writing is featured better in the manga than in the original anime TV series based on this. The OVA series sequal followed by the manga a little better, but your best choice is the manga. Tokyo Pop for a while released this in their Mixxzine(and then later Tokyo Pop)magazine, and then later in graphic novel, at first in regular Americanized printing as well as in their "Authentic Format".

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