Friday, February 22, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *Blade Kitten

This webcomic was the basis for the semi-popular video game of the same name, and incorporates nearly everything you'd be looking for in a 90s anime. Catgirls, space babes, cyborgs, alien creatures, ninjas, and more. The video game acted as a prequel to the comic as it was already in print prior to the game's development.

Kit Ballard is a bounty hunter, and one of the few members of the race of Felions left in the galaxy. Felions were catpeople that have had their numbers dwindle after the marauding Darques wiped most of them out. Kit now hunts down bounties as a "Breaker" on the planet Myrdia. After taking down the heavily armored outcast Kagemusha, Kit heads back to town to collect the money on his head. She the reveals the fellow Felion Alamao as a replicant android, and then runs into her old friend Lucy as they get started into another adventure with more mysterious aliens.

This has been collected into four separate comic book issues(so far), plus a special "Grande Collection" trade paperback. There's also a spinoff series set in the same universe, Dirty Justice, featuring sexy blonde space bounty hunter Justice Kreel. Definitely worth a look for fans of Outlaw Star and Trigun.

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