Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MISC. MANGA, *My Dearest Devil Princess

Well, there's never a shortage of manga about your average high school guy who gets some otherworldy dame to be his girlfriend/fiance/love slave. Where as these girls are sometimes an angel or a goddess,Hakoiri Devil Princess literally takes the concept strait to Hell. Written by Matoko Matsumoto(creator of Kaprekar and his artist partner Maika Netsu put together this tale of a boy's unwitting deal with the devil.

Keita buys a "family heirloom" from his schoolmate Natsuki, which when opened acts as a source for the ditzy devil princess Maki. She offers him three wishes in exchange for his soul. Since Keita doesn't want to forgo his soul, but inadvertantly wishes for her to stop crying. Maki then moves in with him and his father until he makes his next two wishes, she also occasionally summons some of her guardian spirits from Hell to help out. Aside from Keita's jealous male love interest, the only Earthly opposition that Maki gets from completing her task is a pushy angel named Sheeta who becomes Keita's homeroom teacher. Then, the crafty sexpot demon Miki appears, and she tricks Keita to making a wish from her, mostly because she is in line for the throne of demon queen after Maki. So now, Keita is the "master" of two wanting demonic genies.

This manga went on for about six volumes in Japan, but only ran for two in America when its publisher, Broccoli Books, closed its American branch. The story is pretty good for you standard magical girlfriend manga, and decent artwork. Even though you can't currently get the entire series in English(unless some other publisher picks it up), it is worth checking out from your local manga library.

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