Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Alright! Finally a Marvel animated movie that fanboys can wet themselves over. This is an original double-feature with no direct connection to any of the previous Marvel animated made-for-video movies like Ultimate Avengers or Next Avengers.

First off is Hulk Vs. Wolverine. This is back when Wolverine was still working semi-freelance for the U.S. military. He's asked to hunt down the Hulk who was reported to wreck a small Canadian town. After tracking the trail to a shirtless Bruce Banner, who then hulks out and the two of them go at it bigtime. Then, the Weapon X crew shows up with Sabertooth, Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike, and Omega Red, to bring both Logan and the Hulk to their secret HQ. Wolverine busts out and frees Banner, while taking on all four of the "claw people". Hulk brings the party to a stop by trashing Weapon X's base and finishing up his fight with Logan. There's lots of blood and brutality in this mutha! There was no pulled-punches, no Wolverine using his claws on just Sentinels. Deathstrike goes sh*thouse on Logan, and practically orgasms during it. However, Deadpool totally steals the show. He's like an a-hole Spider-Man! Hopefully they might make Deadpool Vs. The Marvel Universe.

Following that is Hulk Vs. Thor, which seems like they borrowed the premise from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. In it, Odin, the grand poobah of the Norse Gods, is taking a siesta to replenish his power, which leaves Asgard vulnerable to attack from his prick son Loki. So his Fabio-looking other son Thor and his band of merry gods have to defend it. Loki decides to bring Bruce Banner to Asgard and seperate him from the Hulk. He then uses Hulk like a puppet and uses him to trash Thor's posse. However, Thor electocute him out of Hulk, but with no Banner to control him, the Hulk goes all "Dolemite" on Asgard. Realizing that its Loki's fault, Thor gets him to go to Hell to retrieve Banner's soul(because Loki was stupid enough to kill him!)and get Loki's giant daughter Hela who runs the underworld to release him. She teleports Hulk to Hell where Banner rejoins with him and takes control of him. Hela then sends Banner back to Earth, and takes Loki's soul. This one had some pretty decent action in it, and stars pretty much the entire Thor universe. The Enchantress though is HOT! HOT! HOT! Thor was a brain dead for giving up that babe!

This was a pretty good outlet for Hulk, although its more of a vehicle for the mutants and gods in the Marvel Universe. It's a dream come true to most superhero fans. It's a definate improvement over the last two Hulk movies.

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