Monday, February 25, 2013

OBSCURE O.V.A.S., *Van Helsing: The London Assignment

Intended to be a tie-in to the Van Helsing live-action movie(no relation to Hellsing), this animated prequel is actually a pretty fair video feature. Not unlike some od the other ones of its time like Dark Fury or The Animatrix.

Monster-slayer Van Helsing investigate a rash of attacks in London on women, committed by Dr. Jekyll(but no one ever mentions Jack The Ripper). Jekyll has used arcane arts to drain women’s souls to make Queen Victoria younger so he can marry her.

Some reasonably good animation in this, and the anti-monster arsenal is impressive, as the Vatican scientist Carl takes down an entire horde of zombies amred with only a holy water gun. It features Hugh Jackman and David Wenham voicing their characters from the movie, plus Dwight Shultz once again kicking ass as the creepy Dr. Jekyll.

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