Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Guardian Angel Getten

Probably seems like yet another in the library of "magical girlfriend" manga, Minene Sakurano managed to pull off a fair attempt at the genre.

Tasuke recieves an ancient Chinese ring in the mail from his archeologist father. In it lies the beautiful moon guardian Shaolin, who after being accidently summonned by Tasuke declares herself to be his willing slave and protector. Shao can summon up various spirits to perform all her tasks and protect her master. Trying to introduce her to Tasuke’s schoolmates prooves a little challenging, and various rivals keep showing up to try and win Shao’s affections too. Plus, the arrival of the sun guardian Ruuan just adds even more problems to the mix.

Also known as Mamotte Shugogetten or Heavenly Moon Guardian, this manga is a pretty good clone of I Dream Of Jeannie and should appeal to fans of stories with an otherworldy girlfriend as the main character. Be sure to look into the anime TV & OVA series too!

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