Friday, June 22, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Cutewendy

Like so many webcomics for American otaku like Megatokyo and Sinfest, Cutewendy manages to makes its mark too.

Apparently on offshoot of another comic called Wendy Comic(sometimes printed in Radio Comix's Mangaphile)this tells the story of a similar girl called Wendy, and her nameless lesbian sidekick as the deal with life in an ever-changing comic strip enviroment, much to the up-and-down nature of their creartor, Josh Lesnick, here played by himself. Wendy and her other co-horts, Xerox Guy and Donkey Kong, contend with rapping nuns, Utena ripoffs, and even Skeletor!

This comic was later spun off into another series, Girly. Be sure to check out this hysterically funny Collection Of Perfection trade paperback edition. If you thought Excel Saga was crazy, then you ain’t read nothing yet!

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