Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Same Difference And Other Stories

I thoroughly enjoyed this one-shot graphic novel when I picked it up a few years ago. It’s a collection of short comic stories by Derik Kirk Kim, who also did Good As Lily, and has had work featured in Flight.

In this, Simon is a Korean-American who takes his friend Nancy back to his home town in search of a guy she’s been secretly swapping love letters with although she’s never met him. After learning the truth of who he really is, Nancy gets to nervous to approach him, plus Simon runs into his old schoolmate who had a crush on him, but he could never tell her how he felt about her because he was embarrassed of her being blind. This plus some really funny short comics from the Small Stories webcomic.

If your a fan of anime, or just funny romance comics, then this should make you laugh, and maybe even cry. This was first printed through Alternative Comics, and was later reprinted by Top Shelf Books.

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