Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Bomber Girl

This short-lived series by Niwano Makoto(writer for Deltora Quest)that ran through Raijin Comics back when it was a weekly magazine is collected in this single volume.

In mid-21st Century Tokyo, Rashomon Emi(aka: “Bomber Girl”)is a busty kickass bounty huntress. With her special array of teleporting weapons, her boss wheels, and her flashy way of trashing the bad guys, wins her rep as a force to be dealt with. Especially her way of making her clients pay up in triplicate after she saves them. The terrorist group of Megalith is royally ticked at they way Rashomon always kicks their butts. Now, Rashomon has moved next door the hunky Kurosaki, who is her main competition on the police force. She then gets a sidekick in Fly Girl, the sexy Megalith defective. Kurosaki learns that one of the major players in Megalith is the one who killed his brother years ago. This leads to a major battle with him, and the Megalith’s boss, Master Zayin.

Bomber Girl is a rollar coaster ride of a fun action manga, and will be sure to please any anime fan who found Burn Up W or Gunsmith Cats too boring!

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