Saturday, June 16, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Death: At Death's Door

After other US comics have failed to be made into a decent manga, Jill Thompson finally succeeds with this little “midqual” to the DC Comics/Vertigo Sandman universe.

In the world of the Dreaming, Dream is given the keys to Hell after Lucifer decides to retire from torturing the damned. Dream now has every other divine being coming to him bidding for the keys. Meanwhile, his sisters Death, Delirium, and Dispair have their hands full dealing with all the lost souls who were cast out of Hell now that its temporarily closed for business. So they’re all crashing at a big party at Death’s joint. Dream resolves the issue of who is Hell’s new grand poobah, and life(or really the afterlife)returns to normal for Death.

This is probably the best chapter in the Sandman storyline, mostly because its real fun and gives a whole new flavor to the supporting.

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