Wednesday, April 25, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *PHD: Phantasy Degree

Harry Potter and Slayers were two factors that probably went into this Korean manga. Creator Hee-Joon Son came up with a strange world where the realm of demons crosses over with the human one. But before most young demons can, they have to go to school!

It starts out with Sang, a young energetic redhead who really seems teamed to enter into Hades, the school for up and coming demon teens. Her personal mission, for reasons to be explained later on, is to gain access to the school and locate a special ring. The ring itself is currently in the possession of Notra, a scantily-clad succubus who is supposedly engaged to the actual prince of Hell, and was given the ring as an engagement present.

In order to get in the school, Sang runs into a group of kids playing hookie. It’s Dev the demon, Mordicus the vampire, Pannus the mummy, and Lukan the werewolf. Sang asks for Mordicus to bite her, and she “temporarily” gets vampire fangs to make herself look like a student at the demon school. However, some humans from a religious guild come looking for the ring too, and slash off a few of the students to get it. But, the seemingly vanquished monsters come back to life, only more powerful(sorta like Saiyans). Sang and the others team up to stop them from gaining the ring and having the gates of Hell at their command.

Phantasy Degree(or just PHD)is develops into a great action fantasy. It’s got great comedy mixed in with action that the typical Yu Yu Hakusho fan would like.

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