Saturday, April 28, 2012

MISC. MANGA, *Monster Collection

In what seems like a fusion of Slayers and Final Fantasy, this is an original fantasy adventure from Itoh Sei. This takes place in an alternate world where magic is a common thing.

Set in a midevil enviroment, Kasche is a summoner in training whose been given the mission of finding who stole an ancient artifact which is supposed to have a clue to where the Encylopedia Verum is. It is not your normal kind of book, but a great spellbook that can give its user access to summoning some of the most powerful monsters in all creation.

Kasche discovers that the artifact was stolen by a desert thief. She tracks him down, only to be attacked by a lamia(sort of like a naga). After a little struggle, Kasche frees the lamia, whose name is Natasha, from the control of whoever has originally summoned her. Natasha has the ability to take on full human form, and decides to help Kasche find their mutual advisary. The thief, Cuervo joins them on their journey too.

Monster Collection is an exceptionally well drawn manga with effective graphics. The story seems a little similar to ones in other funny fantasy manga like Rune Soldier or Sorcerer Hunters. However, it is entertaining and interesting enough to keep you wanting for more. Gotta collect ‘em all!

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